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Foot Care

There is simply nothing like a pampering professional pedicure treatment. Sit back, relax and in no time at all you’ll be walking on air.

Choose from our three fabulous pedicures ensuring your toes can confidently be on show anytime!

  • Zenspa pedicure by Jessica


    1 Hour

    Put your best feet forward with Zenspa’s luxurious, conditioning pedicure.
    Let Jessica’s Zenspa pedicure take you on a pampering journey from foot & nail preparation to perfectly pedicured.

    From Blissful Bath to Intense Heel Repair Crème, each product delivers outstanding, salon quality results while maintaining the health of your feet, finishing with perfect, long-lasting polish. 

  • Sixtus Pedicure


    1 Hour

    Sixtus is a range from Germany that is Brand leader for Chiropodists in their country. 100% natural ingredients. Hard skin, burning feet, cracks between the toes and athlete's foot, are all problems that affect us at any time.
    The SIXTUS range of Foot care products are based on curative Mountain Herbs and Plants from the German Alps, all the products have a refreshing Alpine fragrance which makes them enjoyable to use as well as beneficial.

  • Mini Pedicure



    An express foot treatment to treat hard skin and tidy nails and cuticles. Polish included. 

  • Pedicure with Jessica Gels


    1 Hour 15 Minutes